Gifts of the Dance

  • Eugene Ballet Company Headquarters – Eugene, OR
  • 76″ H x 32″ W x 14″ D
  • Cast Bronze
  • 2023
Big Bunny Girl by Ellen Tykeson

“Gifts of the Dance” greets visitors at the entrance to Eugene Ballet Company headquarters anchoring the city’s remarkable new Mid-town Art’s Center. EBT is an internationally acclaimed flagship of ballet and choreography in the state of Oregon.

In this sculpture, the array of gifts the discipline bestows on both dancer and audience is demonstrated by a dancer, as she gracefully builds the support she stands on.

For her, the discipline, grace, strength, athleticism, teamwork, and musicality this effort demands is a life’s work. The resulting poetry in motion belies the time, effort, and passion required to master what is demanded.

For the audience, observing is an opportunity to be transported through the beauty of form and movement, to delight in the skill and narrative genius conveyed by costuming, sets, and choreography. This combination conjurs an artform that becomes a gift of the highest order.