Ellen Tykeson


Public Work by Ellen Tykeson
Stainless Steel Work by Ellen Tykeson
Music of the Spheres by Ellen Tykeson: Open Editions
Pro Spera by Ellen Tykeson: Bronze Editions
Luna by Ellen Tykeson: Life-sized Bronze Sculpture
Daphnae by Ellen Tykeson: Ceramics
Animals by Ellen Tykeson
Bas-Relief Work by Ellen Tykeson
Hood Ornaments by Ellen Tykeson

It's been my pleasure to work with Ellen over the past 20 years. In the beginning, I was awestruck with her imaginative use of the human form to create fascinating narratives. Her sense of design and application of surface detail and texture provide a vibrant, lifelike animated composition whether in relief or in the round.

It's been powerful to see her work touch so many lives over the years. Through her art and her teaching she has opened the eyes of countless people to the possibilities of expressive form.

Public Art: West Eugene EmX Extension

Ellen designed several of the local wildlife and landscape cut metal panels for the new EmX rapid transit system stops located in west Eugene. She was one of seven artists that made up Art Thread, the group that designed 21 of the 26 new bus stops.

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Featured Work: A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance was installed in the public meadow at Riverbend Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 2008. This fanciful troop of five life-sized stilt walkers, celebrates the equilibrium and interconnection of life and health. The sculpture takes a loving look at the relationship between young and old and the animals that share our lives.

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A Fine Balance: Head view of the Man
A Fine Balance: Head view of the Woman
A Fine Balance: Head view of the Boy
A Fine Balance: Head view of the Child
A Fine Balance: Head view of the Grandfather

About Ellen

Ellen Tykeson adding final touches to the Grandfather in A Fine Balance