Caterpillar to Butterfly

  • Kidsports Headquarters at Civic Park – Eugene, OR
  • 10′ H x 18′ W x 6′ D
  • Stainless Steel, Cast Bronze, Boardform Concrete
  • 2022
Kidsports - Caterpillar to Butterfly
“Caterpillar to Butterfly” is located at Civic Park in Eugene, Oregon, a historic sport’s field and home of Kidsports, a community based entity fostering the physical development of area youth. 
The cast bronze, water-jet cut stainless steel, and concrete sculpture alludes to the role physical skills gained through team sports and competition play in the development of an individual. It is also a commemoration of two founding members of Kidsports. To quote one of them, ” Seeing children grow their skills through sports is like watching caterpillars turn into butterflies.”