Day of Days

  • RiverBend Medical Center – Eugene, OR
  • 80″H x 60″L x 40″W
  • Kinetic – Bronze and Granite
  • Full size and Maquette Editions
Day of Days by Ellen Tykeson

The sculpture, DAY of DAYS, is a tribute to every woman’s life. As with all the elements included, this rider’s bond with animals relies on trust and cooperation rather than control. The horse is a metaphor for balance and the speed of our days. The parrot speaks tor the rhythms of teaching and learning. In the beehive reside industry and community.

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Historically the apple conveys knowledge and the gift of choice, while continuity in life and spirit twist through the ring of balance. The bow and buckle underfoot connect, as necessary challenges and amazing gifts so often do.

The Cascade Lily, an Oregon wildflower, emerges from the earth each spring to bloom. Fragile yet durable, in cycle with the work of bees, the lily opens the promise of love. Celestial bodies and weather patterns record the rhythms of emotion and the cycle of our years. As rain or tears fall into a hidden pool they reflect as stars of hope. For in gratitude of all that is given, joy waits. Please push to rock and listen to the bells.[/read]